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Wise Residence Retaining Wall

After deciding not to participate in the Capobianco project, Lloyd Wise approached Baumann Engineering and requested an alternative design.  Rainy season was coming, so construction would have to wait until it had past.  So, at Baumann Engineering's recommendtion, Mr. Wise hired a crew to anchor a rolled mat that covered the hillside, and allowed vegetation to grow through.  Unlike the completely covered gusseted wall of Mr. Capobianco next door, Mr. Wise selected a design wherein vertical and horizontal concrete beams were placed on the hillside with chain link fence anchored between them.  The design called on tieback reinforcement (some in excess of 50') to anchor the walls into the hillside. This wall will also disappear behind low fuel, deep rooted planting.  Baumann calls this second system SlopeSaver, and a new generation of SlopeSaver is now being prototyped in the 1600 block of Emerald Bay.  This system utilizes deep rooted, low fuel content vegetation recommended by the Tree of Life Nursery.   The deep roots allow the plants to search deeper in the soil for moisture, reducing irrigation costs and at the same time helping to solidify the soil.  By planting low fuel content plants, SlopeSaver will reduce the speed and ferocity of fire on the hillsides, where frequently the natural brush which has overgrown for years and creates a "firestorm"."


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