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Mock Residence Retaining Wall, Newport Beach

Mr. Brian Mock approached Baumann Engineering in 1998.  Mr. Mock wanted to put up a retaining wall to eliminate erosion that was taking place on a slope at the rear of his property.  He also wanted to regain some of the back yard that had disappeared over time due to erosion.  Mr. Mock was dealing with a homeowner's association, the City of Newport Beach, and because of the location of his property, the California Coastal Commission.  Mr. Mock wanted a design which reclaimed his land, stabilized his slope, and a firm capable of providing documents that would satisfy the three agencies with which he was dealing.  A decision was made to use the Tycor retaining wall, which presented the problem of trying to get an 80 foot long, 20+ foot high concrete wall approved by the above agencies.  After receiving approval from neighbors and the HOA, Mr. Mock went before the Newport Beach Planning Commission, armed with his engineer, large scale photos and handouts of a PowerPoint presentation employing the photos below.  Mr. Mock gave his allowed 3-minute presentation, was asked 3 questions, and the plan was approved.  At this point, one of the planning commissioners took the unusual step of thanking Mr. Mock for the quality of his presentation, stating that it was obvious that he had put a good deal of thought into it, and that because they were able to see what it was Mr. Mock wanted to do, they were able to approve his plan without delay.  The last time I drove by the site, no wall had as yet been constructed.


Aerial shot of property and surroundings

Slope failure


Slope failure from another angle


Photo of proposed "disappearing" concrete wall in early landscaping stage at another location


Proposed wall w/mature landscaping

One area of concern was the requirement for sloped walls.  This wall shows non-conformance in neighborhood

This photo illustrates need to regain hillside

Photos of neighbor's landscaping were superimposed over slope failure photo to show proposed completed look  Van was added in for scale, it was necessary to make windows transparent in order to show landscaping through the van windows.

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