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1600 Block of Emerald Bay, Laguna Beach, CA

The Emerald Bay Community Association contacted Emerald Bay about a hillside along the street in their 1600 block.  Among the concerns was that residents no longer felt safe parking on the north side of the street, from fear of rocks sliding into their vehicles.  Baumann Engineering proposed a deep-rooted, low fuel (fire is a major concern in Laguna Beach), low maintenance wall, utilizing wire mesh to retain the hillside until deep rooted plants such as coyote bush could grow in and maintain the stabilization of the hill.  It was decided to do a test patch on part of the block, and if the plan was successful, it would be expanded.  Below are some progress pictures of the hillside.  Note that residents apparently don't fear parking on this section of the street anymore.

The slope at 1600 Emerald Bay with partial growth gives residents confidence to park on the street.

The contrast between the planted slope and unplanted slope

Coyote bush roots embed themselves up to 3 feet deep into the hillside

A closer look at the test plot

Bent rebar hooks were welded to metal posts and driven into the hillside to hold mesh in place

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