Hanns U. Baumann, S.E. was born in 1930, the son of Paul and Miriam Baumann, of San Marino, CA.  Paul Baumann was the Chief Engineer for the Arrowhead Lake Company during the development of the Lake Arrowhead resort (his wedding to Miriam was the first wedding ceremony held in Lake Arrowhead), and later, was the Assistant Chief Engineer of the Los Angeles County Flood Control District from 1934 to 195.  Paul Baumann was, himself, the son of a Swiss Contractor/Engineer, Freidrich Baumann. 


Hanns Baumann continued the family tradition of innovation in the structural design field, and received his Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley in 1953, and his Masters Degree in Structural Engineering from the University of Southern California in 1963.  In the interim, stationed in Korea and Japan, where he served in 1954 as a company commander in the US Army Corps of Engineers at the age of just 23.  Upon his return to the United States, and after his discharge, Baumann began as a structural design engineer in Orange County, CA for Robert E. Scherrer Consulting Structural Engineering.  In 1961, he became a partner in the newly formed Scherrer-Baumann Consulting Structural Engineers. 


In 1978, his partner Robert Scherrer retired, and Scherrer-Baumann became Baumann Engineering.  In 1981 he formed Baumann Research and Development Corporation, and made Baumann Engineering a division of BRD Corp.  BRD Corp. was formed to focus on the development of products, specializing in the construction industry, and Baumann Engineering continued providing consulting structural engineering services in a variety of disciplines.   In 1986, he formed Baumann International Inc., which was formed for the purpose of marketing products that had been developed by BRD Corp.  In 1999, Baumann International was renamed BauTech, Inc.  Baumann currently is 100% owner of BRD Corp. and Baumann Engineering, and 95% owner of BauTech, Inc.. 


Mr. Baumann is a licensed engineer in four states. 


Mr. Baumann and his firm have been recognized and awarded in several areas of engineering, including slope stabilization, steel construction, bridge design, and reinforced concrete, by organizations as varied as the Civil Engineering Research Foundation, Construction Innovation Forum, the Portland Cement Association, American Iron and Steel Institute, the California Geotechnical Engineers Association, the American Society of Civil Engineers, and more.


Mr. Baumann has been a featured speaker at numerous industry conferences and seminars, including Structural Faults and Repair Conference in London, England, 2003, and the Structural Engineers World Conference in Yokohama, Japan, 2002, and is scheduled to speak at the 2004 Concrete Bridge Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina in May. He was also the Keynote Speaker at the Annual NOVA Awards Presentation Dinner in 1998.


Mr. Baumann has lived in the community of Emerald Bay in Laguna Beach since 1961, and frequently spends his weekends there playing beach volleyball.  In fact, he has won six gold medals in two-man beach volleyball in the Senior Olympics and is currently a member of the reigning, undefeated California state champion Senior Olympics two-man volleyball team.  His wife Sharon passed away in 1997.  Baumann has one son, John, a teacher, who lives in Newport News, VA., and a daughter, Katie, who lives with her husband and Baumann’s only grandchild in Sierra Madre, CA.  For more on Hanns Baumann, visit www.hannsbaumann.com



Hanns U. Baumann, S.E.




            BSCE - University of California, Berkeley, 1953

            MSCE - University of Southern California, 1963




            State of California,          CE 10917

            State of California,          SE 1118           

            State of Arizona,            CE 6160           

            State of Colorado,          CE 15478 - Inactive

            State of Nevada,            PE 2216 - Inactive




            Meritorious Award                                              Cove Road Slope Restoration

            Army Material Command                                    Project of the Year - 1987

            Bridge Design Contest - 1971                              American Society of Civil

            Society of American Military Engineers                Engineers, Orange County


            Best Engineering of an Industrial Product             California Geotechnical

            Design In Steel Award Program                           Engineers Association 1987

            American Iron and Steel Institute             Outstanding Project Award


            Award of Commendation  1964                            1992 NOVA Award

            Prestressed Concrete Institute                            Innovation in Construction

            Horizon Home                                                    National Award From

            Laguna Niguel, California                                    Construction Innovation Forum


            1996 CERF Charles Pankow Award for Innovation Program

            Civil Engineering Research Foundation

            Innovative Application Recognition


Memberships (Past and Present)


            Corporate Advisory Board - Civil Engineering Research Foundation

            Board of Directors – Construction Innovation Forum

Board of Directors  - Camp Elliott Field Station, Jacobs School of Engineering, UCSD

Structural Engineers Association of California      

            American Society of Civil Engineers                                

            American Concrete Institute International            

            International Conference of Building Officials                    

            Earthquake Engineering Research Institute

            Wire Reinforcement Institute

            Light Gauge Steel Engineers Association

            American Plywood Association

            Post-Tensioning Institute

ACI Committee 439

ACI Committee 439B



Product Development History


Hanns Baumann, since 1956, has been personally involved in the development of more than 30 new products for the construction industry.  He has invented numerous products himself and holds 7 US patents.  He is also registered as co-inventor on 2 US patents, and has helped many inventors of construction innovations to develop and market their inventions.


He has designed, and often supervised construction of, thousands of structures using the products he has invented and helped other inventors to develop, in 10 countries, on 3 continents.


·         The Button-head Prestress System, Carl Middendorf, founder of Prescon Corp., Inventor

·         The Vaughtborg Lift Slab System, William Vaughtborg, Inventor

·         Tilt-up Wall Construction, The Burke Company

·         Cinch Nail Prefabricated Wood Truss Plates, Bostich Co.

·         Gascon Lightweight Polymer Concrete, John Beggs, Inventor

·         Gascon Freeformed Sprayed Mortar System, John Beggs, Inventor

·         Baumann Gascon Construction System, John Beggs, Hanns Baumann, Co-inventors, utilized internationally on thousands of low-cost homes

·         AirFloor Trusslab  Hollow Concrete Floor System, John Leemhuis, Inventor, over 2 million square feet constructed

·         University Residential Building System (URBS), John Leemhuis, Hanns Baumann, Co-inventors, used in University of California dormitories

·         Conspray Construction System, John Richards, Hanns Baumann, Co-inventors, acquired by Whiteman Manufacturing

·         Omni Manufactured Housing Systems, Elmer Sproul, Fleetwood Joiner, Hanns Baumann, co-inventors, acquired by Phillip Morris for widespread use

·         Manufactured Hotel Room System, Edward Maurer, Inventor, acquired by Brown and Root, Inc.

·         Replaceable Manufactured Service Modules, Edward Maurer, Herbert Watkins, Hanns Baumann, Co-inventors, US Patent issued

·         Computer Aided Transportation System (CATS), Hanns Baumann, Inventor

·         FireSafe Construction Systems, Hanns Baumann, Inventor

·         SlopeSaver Construction Systems, Hanns Baumann, Inventor

·         FreeForm Construction Systems, John Beggs, David Klages, Hanns Baumann, Co-inventors

·         Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Form Tie/Concrete System, Hanns Baumann, Co-inventors

·         Steel Fiber Reinforced Sprayed Concrete System, John Richards, Hanns Baumann, Co-Inventors

·         Containerized U.S. Housing System, Hanns Baumann, Inventor

·         Energy Saving/Long Span Hollow Concrete Floor System, Hanns Baumann, Inventor

·         Prefabricated Foam Core Trussed Wire Panels, Dave Stevenson, John Douglas, Co-inventors, currently used by Habitat for Humanity

·         Prefabricated Foamed Gypsum Construction Panels, Rudy Gunnerman, Inventor

·         Manufactured Relocatable Air Rights Hotel System, Marvin Renfro, Hanns Baumann, Co-inventors, US Patent issued

·         OmniForm Manufactured Multi-story Building System, Hanns Baumann, Inventor, US Patent issued

·         Friction Joint Space Frame, Hanns Baumann, Inventor, US Patent issued

·         Seismic Energy Dissipating Rebar Coupler (BauCon™), Hanns Baumann, Inventor, US Patent issued

·         Baumann Rapid Construction System, Hanns Baumann, Inventor, US Patent issued

·         Factory Built Construction Assembly, Hanns Baumann, Inventor, US Patent issued

·         Earthquake Resistant Structure Utilizing a Confinement Reinforcing Framework (BauGrid® Reinforcement System), Hanns Baumann, Inventor, US Patent No. issued, used extensively in and out of seismic regions

·         Reinforcement Cages for Ductile Concrete Frame Members and Method of Fabricating and Erecting the Same, (BauGrid® Ductile Frame, Fabrication and Erection System), Hanns Baumann, Inventor, US Patent issued, Canadian, Japanese and European patents pending


U.S. Patents Issued

            U. S. Patent No. 3,407,560                                 U. S. Patent No. 4,447,996

            Baumann Space Frame                                      Factory Built Construction Assembly


            U.S. Patent No. 5,218,809

            Earthquake Resistant Structure                           U. S. Patent No. 4,389,831

            Utilizing a Confinement Reinforcing                      Baumann Simplified

            Framework (BauMeshâ)                                     Construction System


            U.S. Patent No. 4,644,709                                  U.S. Patent No. 5,392,580

            OmniForm Building System                                Modular Reinforcement Cages for                                                                                                            Ductile Concrete Frame Members

            U.S. Patent No. 5,305,573                                  and Method of Fabricating and   

            Energy Dissipating Connector                             Erecting the Same


Papers Published


"Advances In Rapid Construction Of Tall Earthquake Resistant Buildings In California

Structural Faults and Repair Conference, London, England, July 1- 3, 2003

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