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The Smith-Waterhouse family on Kauai dates back 7 generations to a medical missionary who came to Hawaii in  1842.  The Stonehouse has been a family tradition for generations, with the original having been built and furnished with materials that came around the Horn at South America.  In November of 1982, Hurricane Iwa removed the roof from the Stonehouse, and Baumann Engineering designed a new roof, using what ultimately proved to be inadequate Hawaiian codes.  When Hurricane Iniki destroyed the Stonehouse in 1992, the Smith Waterhouse family approached Baumann Engineering again.  This time, Baumann consulted with hurricane wind experts at Clemson University in Florida and with tsunami wave experts in Hawaii to determine the forces he would design the experimental two-way ductile frame structure to resist.  The below grade first floor level was actually designed against the upward motion of tsunami waves, should the soil erode from the adverse conditions.  This project included the additional feature that much of the early construction work was done by architectural and engineering students from the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico.  The students slept in tents on the beach by night, and received practical field experience and school units for their efforts.  The project utilized the developing welded reinforcement grid that Baumann had been developing since 1987.  A local building inspector who observed the construction was quoted in a local paper: "I never thought I'd see a hurricane proof home, but...this one will still be there."

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